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Cocoon protects you wherever you go online.

The Web is fun, convenient, even crucial, but it comes with hidden costs: security holes, malware you don't see coming. Even the most trusted site can leave your computer exposed to the Web's more unsavory elements.

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Anti-virus protection on a new level

Cocoon offers multiple levels of anti-virus protection with our plans. We use the latest endpoint isolation technology to protect viruses from ever touching your hard drive. With Cocoon+ we even scan with open source anti-virus prior to it touching your computer.

Keep the Internet off your computer

When you connect to the Web, you open a pipeline between your computer and every site you visit. Even trusted sites can contain malware - probing your computer's defenses for weaknesses. Cocoon keeps you safe by using endpoint isolation technology and anti-virus solutions.

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No drive-by downloads

Cocoon prevents automatic drive-by-downloads and prevents you from being tricked into manually downloading malware. Try Cocoon today and start browsing safely.

Webmail Secured and Protected

Web-based email, such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail, don't offer true protections from malware and viruses, because attachments laced with malware can still make it to your computer. Cocoon provides true email protection by keeping messages off your computer and scanning downloaded files before they ever reach your desktop or laptop.

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